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Call for ideas on the characterization of animal biological resources

Call for ideas characterization of resources
The aim of this call is to improve the characterization of the collections.

The only samples concerned are the ones already hosted by CRB-Anim members or which will be deposited there in the framework of the submitted project.

Some of the collections hosted by CRB-Anim are described on the ECOSCOPE portal and can be found by searching for the term “crb-anim” on the FRB portal

In cases where the collections are not described on the ECOSCOPE portal, the CRB-Anim collections can be found here in separate tables by clicking here : canid and some domestic animals

Themes of the call:

1. Sequencing or SNP genotyping of samples from:

  • individuals for studies on genetic diversity within a domestic species and/or its wild relatives,
  • individuals carrying rare phenotypes or phenotypes of biomedical interest, with an aim to facilitate the identification of the causal mutation; the study can examine tissues preserved in paraffin blocks

2. Functional RNA sequencing analyses to improve the genome annotation in a non model domestic species
3. Biochemical or proteomic analyses of biological tissues or fluids which can contribute to the phenotyping of individuals with conserved samples
4. Genetic factors which regulate the success of biotechnologies for reproduction:

  • study of the effect of physiological and genetic characteristics of individual hosts on their ability to ensure the survival of transplanted cells of interest (germ stem cells, iPSC, reprogrammed somatic cells), with the aim of transmitting the donor genome.
  • transcriptome of the early embryo in order to better understand the factors which determine the success of the use of embryos for population recovery

5. Comparative analysis of gamete methylation between species, in connection with genome
compaction (and if possible with the fertilising ability of the gametes)
6. Epigenetic analysis of embryonic germ cells, sperm and adult germ stem cells in connection with
their functional abilities.

Proposals must be submitted electronically, before September 2, 2016, via the AGAAP submission system of the FRB

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The full text of the call can be found here