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WP2 Technology R&D

Developments are shared between nodes having genomic collections (Partners 1, 4, 6, 7).

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Molecular biology, proteomics, and metabolomics are evolving at a rapid pace and new technologies are expected to be developed in the next years. This is the case, for instance, of next generation sequencing (NGS) and genotyping. This makes it difficult, at present, to forecast which kind of technical processing will be needed in the next years for biological samples. Therefore, it is important to offer the best quality standards at all levels of the biobanking workflow, such as storage, conditioning, or extraction.

Another aspect to be taken into account is the need to address social issues such as animal welfare and ecological matters. From this viewpoint, non invasive methods of sampling and low ecological footprint solutions for the storage of collections must be found.

The technological developments described hereafter aim at providing reliable sampling and storage methods and quality control procedures for nucleic acids, biological fluids and tissue samples in order to offer a high quality service. Regular contacts will be maintained with human BRCs and platforms in proteomics or metabolomics to monitor technological innovations and share expertise, a specific point of CRB-Anim being a large range of species. 

Genomic Material

Genomic Material (WP2.1 )

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Breed Material

Breed Material (WP2.2)

Technological developments to improve the cryopreservation of reproductive/breed materials
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