CRB-Anim brings together 6 IBiSA-labeled CRBs and public and private research partners.

CRB-Anim gathers six Biological Resource Centers managing reproductive resources (Cryobanque Nationale, CARARE, CryAnim) or genomic resources (@BRIDGe, CARARE, Cani-DNA, CRBA) and 1 CRB managed by the company Antagene, partner of Cani-DNA.
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     Platform @BRIDGe*

  • Genomic resources (BAC banks, blood samples, tissues, DNA...) for farmed species.




  • Genomic resources (blood samples, tissues, DNA) for dogs and related species, in network with the National Veterinary Schools and the Antagene company.

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  • CARibbean Animal genetic REsources manages genomic and reproductive resources of ruminants and pigs from the Caribbean, as well as collections of genetic and reproductive materials, both for the patrimonial preservation of the diversity of local animal species and for research projects in physiology and genetics.

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CRBA Centre de Ressources Biologiques Animales d’Oniris 

  • Integrated into the LabOniris veterinary analysis laboratory, within the National Veterinary, Food and Agri-Food School of Nantes (Oniris), the CRBA collects biological resources from the care of domestic animals.

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CRB CryAnim*

  • Canine and feline semen, mainly from CERREC's activity, rabbit and equine embryos and semen, as well as blood and nucleic acid samples from individuals with tumor diseases and/or genetic origin.

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Cryobanque nationale*

  • Reproductive resources (semen, embryos, cell cultures) for livestock species, in network with insemination centers and includes several mirror sites maintained by INRA, technical institutes or breeding companies.

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Laboratoire ANTAGENE

  • ANTAGENE laboratory is the specialist in dog/cat DNA testing: genetic identification, certified DNA parentage and screening for hereditary diseases.

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* Labelled CRB-IBiSA

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