CRB-Anim (accès aux collections)

Access to the collections

A one-stop shop for sample entry and exit requests

¤ Access portal to the collections ¤


Direct access to information on the thousands of samples present in all the Biological Resource Centers (BRCs) for more than 20 species of pets in mainland France and overseas..

  •     Δ Minimum information available to any visitor
  •     Δ Complete information available upon registration

With more than 500,000 samples available, many applications are accessible:

  • Management of inbreeding of a local breed
  • Identifying markers of genetic diseases
  • Finding missing genotypes
  • Characterize the genetic originality of a population

These samples are collected, preserved and documented for use.

Access to the resources complies with the traceability and distribution rules established by the BRCs with their depositors, as well as the Nagoya protocol on the sharing of the benefits arising from their use.

Who can apply for entry or exit ?

   → A public research laboratory
   → A private company
   → An association
   → A breeder


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