Request for entry or exit

Request for entry or exit

Request for entry or exit

A CRB guarantees the security and traceability of your samples, making it easier to share them with other colleagues and reuse them in the future.

Who can apply for entry or exit?

→ A public research laboratory
→ A private company
→ An association
→ A breeder

Why apply for entry or exit?

Are you starting a new experiment?

Are you starting a new conservation or breeding program?

→ Think about preserving the biological samples you collect right from the start of your project.

Have you just finished an experiment and want to secure the remainingbiological samples?

→ Consider entrusting them to a BRC.

A BRC guarantees the security and traceability of your samples and will make it easier to share them with other colleagues and reuse them in the future.

Do you have a new idea for an experiment but no biological samples to test it on?

→ Think about exploring the BRC collections, they may have just what you need!

How to make an input or output request

You need to create a user account on the collections access portal (link). You will be asked for your full affiliation and the name of your MTA delegate, i.e. the person in your entity who is authorized to sign material transfer agreements.

→ to make an entry request: after authenticating yourself you must complete the initial request by filling in the following sections:

Number of samples
Possible link with an existing storage project (you are adding to your collection)
Reason for entry request
The link between your storage project and a research project, if so which one, and whether it has been evaluated by a research agency
The CRB concerned
Descriptors relating to the animal donating the samples
Descriptors related to the samples
You can fill in your request in several stages.

At the end, you are invited to submit a file containing the characteristics of your samples and any other files you consider useful, such as your experimentation permit, the permit obtained for importing samples if they come from a country other than France, a health certificate, etc.

Once you have submitted your request, you will enter into dialogue with the relevant CRB via the portal. The CRB may ask you for further information, may consult the CRB-Anim 'species groups' and will send you a quote. An e-mail exchange zone is provided to enable you to ask any questions you may have :

Once your request has been accepted by the CRB, you will be asked to fill in a Material Acquisition Agreement (MAA) form, to be signed by your MTA delegate and submitted to the portal, so that the form can then be signed by the CRB delegate.

The next step is to send the invoice, samples and confirmation of receipt. The invoice will be paid directly to the CRB, not via the portal.

Here's an example of a completed request:

→ to make an outgoing request: you must also authenticate yourself and the steps from request to receipt are the same as for an incoming request, BUT you must first search for samples on the portal to include them in your request. To search for samples, go to: Access-to-the-collections 

If you don't find the samples you're looking for, they may still be under embargo requested by the applicant.

In all cases, please send us your question by e-mail to "contact-crb-anim(at)".

Modification date : 09 October 2023 | Publication date : 03 October 2023 | Redactor : CRB-Anim - Edition P. Huan