Innovations and partnership

The infrastructure hosts numerous user profiles for different services: research teams, breeding associations, breeding companies, individual dog owners, veterinary clinics, distributed throughout France.

All depositors of collections for long-term preservation are users of the infrastructure, even when they do not make regular entries or exits. Our users come from entities covering all the breeding sectors on the national territory, from sport horses to oyster farming. The infrastructure is a recognized actor in the field of application it has identified. Other economic actors are veterinary pharmaceutical industries, biotechnology companies (diagnosis or genotyping), and even feed manufacturers interested in nutrigenomics.

The scientific community directly targeted is found in the three partner research institutes (INRAE, CNRS, IFREMER), partners from universities or "grandes écoles" (notably the 4 National Veterinary Schools), and engineers and doctors from technical institutes commissioned by the Ministry of Agriculture to support the ruminant (IDELE), pig (IFIP), equine (IFCE), poultry and aquaculture (SYSAAF) sectors. The group represents more than 2,000 researchers and engineers.

Modification date: 05 October 2023 | Publication date: 24 April 2013 | By: CRB Anim - Edition P. Huan