Technological developments

The CRB-Anim network is carrying out technological developments to improve the cryopreservation of biological materials.


The technological developments described in this category aim to provide reliable sampling and storage methods, as well as quality control procedures for nucleic acids, biological fluids and tissue samples in order to provide a high quality of service.

Molecular biology, proteomics, and metabolomics are fields that are evolving at high speed. New technologies will appear in the coming years. It is now difficult to anticipate the technical processes that will be required for biological samples in the coming years. However, it is important to offer the highest quality standards at all levels of biobanking work: such as storage, packaging or extraction.
In accordance with animal welfare and sustainable development guidelines, sampling methods must be non-invasive with storage solutions with a low ecological footprint.
The CRB-Anim network maintains regular exchanges with Human CRBs and proteomics or metabolomics platforms to share our experiences and innovate, taking into account the specificity of the CRB-Anim: a wide range of species.

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Maintaining the reproductive potential of stored cells is the first critical point. The second key point is that the genetic, epigenetic and phenotypic conformity of the donor animal must be found in its progeny obtained from cryopreserved cells. Finally, the optimal bio-safety of the methods developed to preserve the cells is the third nodal point of cryobanking to ensure good safety conditions during reintroduction.
Over the past 50 years, practices for the ex situ preservation of endangered breeds have been developed.

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