RARe infrastructure

CRB-Anim is the animal pillar of the national RARe infrastructure

RARE is a research infrastructure included in the national roadmap that brings together five networks of BRCs conserving genetic, genomic, and biological resources assembled and characterized by research on domestic animals, model or cultivated plants, wild species related to domestic animals, forest trees, micro-organisms of agronomic or agri-food interest, micro-organisms and environmental organisms.

AgroBRC-RARe brings together BRCs managed or co-managed by INRAE, CIRAD, IRD, CNRS in partnership with technical institutes and higher education institutions.

RARe aims to improve the national visibility of the biological resources hosted by the CRBs that constitute it and to facilitate their use by a large number of researchers, from the agronomic community as well as other communities, at both national and European level.

The ability to maintain a wide variety of well-documented resources, to collect new ones, to contribute to their characterization, to distribute them and to manage associated data places RARe CRBs at the heart of many research programmes aimed at exploring life and ecosystems and at enhancing biodiversity for agriculture and industry, food, environment and health. The infrastructure provides interdisciplinary and transversal scientific leadership in several fields of application.

RARe's added value consists in pooling skills, harmonising practices, encouraging comparative biology projects and proposing a single entry portal to facilitate access to well-documented samples, taking into account the regulatory context which varies with the biological nature of the resources, for both health and legal aspects, and with the partnership policies of research organisations.

RARe provides organizational support to its members in the implementation of the Nagoya Protocol.

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Modification date: 02 October 2023 | Publication date: 06 September 2017 | By: P. Huan