Call for projects

Call for projects

In 2016, CRB-Anim organized a call for projects to develop the characterization of collections hosted by CRB members.

Themes of the call for projects

1. Sequencing or SNP chip genotyping of samples from :
    individuals for studies of genetic diversity in a domestic species or its wild relatives,
    individuals carrying rare phenotypes or of biomedical interest, in order to facilitate the identification of the causal mutation, the study may involve tissues preserved in kerosene blocks.
2. Functional RNA sequence analyses to improve genome annotation in a non-model domesticated species
3. Biochemical or proteomic analyses of biological tissues or fluids to assist in the phenotyping of individuals with conserved samples.


8 partner laboratory projects started in 2017

  • Cani-DNA-epilepsy: Identification of epilepsy genes in dogs through the Cani-DNA BRC and whole genome sequencing
  • EPIGERMCHICK: Influence of sex, cryopreservation and long-term culture on the methylome of cultured chicken primordial germ cells. Marina Govoroun (INRAE)
  • Embryo_CRYOMORPH: Morphokinetic and transcriptomic characterization of bovine embryos : towards an improvement of the use of embryos for population recovery. Véronique Duranthon (INRAE)
  • MethylStemGerm: Characterization of the DNA methylation profile of adult spermatogonial stem cells and potential alterations after cryopreservation. Florence Le Gac (INRAE)
  • PERCHSEX: Genome sequencing of the European Perch, Perca fluviatilis, to improve sex-control for a better management of the perch’s CRB-Anim genetic resources, Yann Guiguen (INRAE)
  • RefGenDivA: CRB-Anim poultry collections: a genomic referential for characterization and management of genetic diversity in the Gallus genus, from local to commercial breeds
  • SperMeth: Sperm methylome and compaction: a interspecies comparative analysis
  • SelmaR: Selective sweep mapping in the R+ R- chicken lines divergently selected for RFI (residual feed intake)

4 New team projects associated with AIP partners were launched in 2017

  • FeliSeq: Assessment of genomic diversity and identification of biomedical models for inherited diseases in the domestic cat by whole genome sequencing, Marie Abitbol (Vetagro Sup)
  • GENOMYKS: In-depth genomic characterization of rainbow trout isogenic line. Delphine Lallias (INRAE)
  • LW_DivSeq: Fine characterisation of the impact of 20 years of independent selection of two Large White porcine lines through NGS sequencing analysis. Marie-José Mercat (Bioporc)
  • AviDeDisparition: Origin of genome size decreases between varieties of chickens and the parent from which they derive, the red jungle fowl. Yves Bigot (CNRS)

1 project from a laboratory outside the AIP consortium

  • ARMOr: GWAS of ewes’ ruminal microbiota. Christel Marie-Etancelin (INRAE)

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