4th International Seminar

4th International Seminar "CRB-Anim: Past, Present and Future", May 30-31, 2022: abstracts are available!

The 4th international seminar "CRB-Anim: past, present and future" took place on May 30-31, 2022 in Paris. The seminar illustrated the main achievements of the project over the last 10 years, followed by discussions on the perspectives of evolution of CRB-Anim in the next 5 years, as the animal pillar of the national research infrastructure for biological resources, RARe (https://agrobrc-rare.org).


Session 1 : New collections and new methods; chair Sipke-Joost Hiemstra

 1. Collection enrichment and use: changes since 2012. Michèle Tixier-Boichard, INRAE Jouy-en-Josas

     Presentation of the collection expansion in volume and diversity in term of sampling nature and species –web portal for access to resources (Abstract)

2. Technological advances : Overview of main objectives. Catherine Labbé, INRAE Rennes 

    Three examples :

3. Focus on one significant advance in birds: Proteomics of semen for fertility prediction in poultry. Anais Carvalho, INRAE- Tours (Abstract)

4. Focus on one significant advance in aquatic species: Routine implementation of the germinal stem cells cryopreservation in fish. Catherine Labbé, INRAE Rennes (Abstract)

5. Focus on one significant advance in mammals: New preservation media to increase biological safety of a range of biological materials. Samuel Buff, VetAgroSup (Abstract)

Session 2: New data and improved operations: chair Hannes Lohi

 6. Research projects supported by CRB-Anim funding and CRB-Anim collections overview. Bertrand Pain, INRAE-INSERM

     Three examples  :

7. Variation in semen methylation status : species, animal, cryoconservationHélène Jammes, INRAE Jouy-en-Josas

8.  QTL mapping  for microbiota data in sheep. Christel Marie-Etancelin, INRAE Toulouse (Abstract)

9. Genetic basis of epilepsy in dogs : a multi-breed approach and a model for human epilepsy. Catherine André, CNRS, Rennes (Abstract)

10. Improving BRC operations : QMS, fee policy, training, IBiSA labelMichèle Tixier-Boichard (Abstract)

11.  Integration of CRB-Anim in the RARe infrastructure. Michèle Tixier-Boichard (Abstract)

Prospects for animal biological resources 

Session 3 : Prospects and challenges: chair Henner Simianer

12. Opportunities offered by advances in genomic tools for characterisation and preservation of genetic resources. Denis Milan, INRAE Toulouse; infrastructure France-Génomique  (Abstract)

13. CRB-Anim collections: resources for agroecology. Gwendal Restoux, INRAE Jouy-en-Josas (Abstract)

14. Prospects of biobanking for insects: from bees to hymenopters. Florence Guignot, INRAE Tours (Abstract)

 15. A new framework for research on biodiversity in France. Aurélie Delavaud, Fondation pour la Recherche sur la Biodiversité (Abstract)

Session 4: International dimension: chair Paul Boettcher

16. From a European strategy on genetic resources towards a European biobanking infrastructure. Sipke-Joost Hiemstra, CGN, NL (Abstract)

17. EuroFAANG infrastructure conceptEmily Clark, Roslin Institute, UK (Abstract)

18. Organoids from stem cells for all species. Bertrand Pain

19.  The Genetic Conservation Project in Thailand - An initiative supported by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri SirindhornAmonrat Molee, University of Suranaree, Thailand (Abstract)

Roundtable : feedback from the ISAB and European perspectives for the organization of Biobanking for domestic animals

 20.  Concluding remarks: CRB-Anim becomes a GIS to sustain its activity- Michèle Tixier-Boichard

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