3e Séminaire international de l'infrastructure CRB-Anim

Provisional Programme of the 3rd International Seminar of CRB-Anim infrastructure

Domestic Animals, Biobanks and Biodiversity

November 26th, 2019

8:30 : welcome and registration,

Session 1 : Animal gene banks for livestock

  •  Chair Harvey Blackburn

9:00 Introduction 

CRB-Anim and resources for agriculture research (RARe)

Michèle Tixier-Boichard

Improving methods for cryopreservation of germplasm :

   Bovine Embryo   

   Chicken primordial germ cells

Alline de Paula Reis

Marina Govorun

9:50 Representativness of local pig breeds in the French cryobanck

   Time trends in genomic variation for commercial pig lines  

Marie-José Mercat

Simon Boitard

10:30 Coffee break                                                                                             

Session 2 : Ethical issues about biodiversity and animal gene banks

  •  Chair Terence Tiersch

11:00 Ethical issues raised by conservation of biodiversity 

François Sarrasin      

11:45 Ethical surveys about animal gene banks in France and in Europe

Antoine Doré

12:30 Buffet Lunch                                                                                          

Session 3 : Animal gene banks as a support to genomic research

  • Chair Tosso Leeb

13:40 Exploring genomic variation in dogs

   DOG 10000 genomes

   Validation of the Affymetrix Dog chip

Christophe Hitte

Marie-Laure Schneider

14:30 Sharing as caring: conditions for socially responsible use of mice biobanks in UK                                                                                 

Sara Perez and Emma Roe

15:15 Exploring genomic variations in fish

   Whole genome analysis of isogenic trout lines

   Sex determination in the perch

Delphine Lalllias

Yann Guiguen

Session 4 : From the banks to the field

  • Chair Bertrand Pain

16:00 Prospects for animal gene banks

Aurélie Delavaud     

16:15 Feedback from a training session on use cases

Etienne Verrier

16:30 On-farm testing of a new semen quality assessment method

Maxime Reverchon

16:45 Organoid biobanking 

Bertrand Pain

17:00 General discussion                                                                              

17:30 Final words

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