EuroFAANG research school "Inovative cellular models for animal science"

CRB-Anim took part in the EuroFAANG research school "Inovative cellular models for animal science" from September 11 to 15, 2023 at the INRAE center in Jouy-en-Josas.

This summer school "Supporting the 3Rs (replacement, reduction and refinement) through the use of organoids" was organized as part of the European EuroFAANG project, in which CRB-Anim is participating for the biobanking part with its animal biological resources and associated data.

EuroFAANG is a project to develop and conceptualize a European infrastructure for functional annotation of animal genomes, with the aim of exploiting the potential for research into the genotype-phenotype link (G2P) in farm animal species, breeds and populations in Europe. To obtain accurate G2P predictions, it is necessary to be able to refine and characterize highly complex traits in the form of sets of intermediate informative phenotypes along the cascade from the genome to the cell, organism or population in different environments.

Organized by INRAE's partner units (UMR BREED, UMR GABI) and the INRAE PHASE and GA research departments, these days brought together European speakers and students to share the state of knowledge on organoid development and its applications in farm animals. The sessions covered a wide range of organs and functions, with applications in nutrition, health and reproductive biotechnologies. CRB-Anim's contribution focused on the integration of in vitro cell models into biobank collections, in order to identify those interested in the future infrastructure.

Focus groups were formed on different research questions, and the results were presented at the end of the session. The round-table discussions highlighted the advantages and limitations of these promising but still imperfect cellular models, and identified the need to standardize procedures for obtaining and characterizing organoids

• Bertrand Pain

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Bringing together national facilities at pan-European level in the field of animal genetic resources, phenotyping and breeding, and animal health, is a gap identified in the infrastructure landscape by the ESFRI Roadmap 2021. The aim of the EuroFAANG infrastructure project is to address this and develop concepts to streamline the use of interdisciplinary capabilities for G2P research on terrestrial and aquatic farm animals, and to establish models for transnational access to a wide range of facilities, expertise and knowledge relevant to European stakeholders.

The proposal builds on the foundations provided by the six current H2020 EuroFAANG projects, AQUA-FAANG, BovReg, GENE-SWitCH, GEroNIMO, HOLORUMINANT and RUMIGEN, in conjunction with existing infrastructures for data management (ELIXIR) and animal phenotyping. The EuroFAANG infrastructure project partners have comprehensive expertise in basic and applied farm animal sciences, and have consolidated their links with European stakeholders in this field. The results will help to integrate animal sciences and functional annotation of animal genomes for G2P analysis into the landscape of research infrastructures in Europe and worldwide.


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